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6 Reasons to consider a Morkie instead!

If you appreciate the friendly loving personality of a Maltese but are concerned about the potential serious health issues of this breed, a Morkie may be a great choice for you!

A Morkie combines the spunky fun personality of a Maltese with the endearing sweet nature of a Yorkshire Terrier to produce an amazing hybrid that keeps the signature look and smaller stature of both breeds but with far less likelihood of the common health issues they face.

Here are the top 6 reasons to consider a Morkie:

  • Morkies have hybrid vigor.
  • Morkies are social dogs who love to give and receive affection.
  • Morkies are intelligent dogs.
  • Morkies make excellent guard dogs and love to guard your home.
  • Morkies small size make them perfect for apartment living.
  • Morkies’ big personalities will keep you endlessly entertained.

Although Morkies look much more like their Yorkie parents, there are still many similarities–and some differences–between the two breeds.

Both Maltese and Morkies make excellent guard dogs. Although they are small, they are alert to any unfamiliar sounds they might hear while at home. Most people believe that they need a large dog to protect their home, but the bark of any dog in a home can deter someone from trying to break in.

Although different colors, their coats are very similar as well. Maltese and Morkies both have long silky coats that their owners typically choose to have clipped on the shorter side. Keeping their coats short means less time spent detangling any knots that might pop up.

Their friendliness is another thing they have in common. Morkies and Maltese are both social dogs, typically having a favorite person in the family, and can be prone to separation anxiety. So, both breeds will need lots of love and attention. Both breeds also shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time; this can worsen their anxiety symptoms.

Since both breeds are on the smaller size, they will need supervision when interacting with other dogs and children. And it’s probably best that they be kept away from little children. Their long silky hair is tempting for children to pull on.

There are only a few differences between Maltese and Morkies. Their coloring is one of them. Maltese are usually all white, whereas Morkies are usually black and tan. Because of their Yorkie parents, Morkies are also slightly smaller than Maltese, but not by much. The biggest difference between Morkies and Maltese is that Morkies are hybrids, and with that comes hybrid vigor. Now, because Morkies are so small, Morkies still won’t be without the health issues that come with small breeds. However, increased genetic material can lead to a healthier dog than a purebred.

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