Morkie Parent Dogs

Morkie Pups Mom and Dad Dogs

Parent Dogs

Below we’ve included a little bit of information and some photos for each of the parent dogs in our Morkie program.

Elsa, the 12 lb Maltese Mom

Elsa, the 12 pound, Maltese mama is gentle and sweet. Her faithfulness to her family shows her deep love and devotion to them. However, she loves to say hello to newcomers and receive love from them as well!

Irene, the 12 lb Yorkie Mom

Irene is a 12 pound Yorkshire Terrier mom. She is quiet and sweet. If your hand is resting close to where she is, she will wander over to find herself under that hand. Petting is her favorite pastime!

Lisa, the 8 lb Yorkie Mom

Lisa, an 8 pound Yorkshire Terrier, entertains her family with all of her energy and excitement about life. She is a sweet dog to all who meet her.

Mabel, the 9 lb Maltese Mom

Mabel, a 9 pound Maltese, is a darling Mama to her pups. She has a laidback nature and loves to have a good snuggle.

Penny, the 11 lb Yorkie Mom

Penny, an 11 pound Yorkshire Terrier mom, is very loyal and loves to be with family and friends alike. She’s highly intelligent and sweet!

Sunshine, the 9 lb Maltese Mom

Sunshine, a 9 pound Maltese, lives up to her name! She is a ball of sweetness and a ray of sunshine in the lives of her family! Her intelligence and brightness shines through her little body as well!

Twinkle, the 10 lb Maltese Mom

Twinkle is a cheery, jovial 10 lb Yorkshire Terrier mom. Her easy going, engaging demeanor encourages others to lift her into their laps and love on her as she licks and settles in for a good cuddle.

Austin, the 10 lb Maltese Dad

A 10 pound Maltese boy, Austin is a playful, energetic dude who loves to be the center of attention.

Landon, the 9 lb Yorkie Dad

Landon, a 9 lb Maltese dad, knows no stranger. His excitement for life is engaging, as he frolics all over the place. He’s a sweet boy, leaving smiles wherever he goes!

Lynn, the 12 lb Yorkie Dad

Lynn, a 12 pound Yorkshire Terrier dad, is fun-loving. He loves people and is always the first to come running when his family enters the room.

Manny, the 9 lb Maltese Dad

Manny, a 9 pound Maltese, has a spunky, playful personality. His love for playtime gives him a joyful attitude. He’s a fun little dude to have in our home!

Monroe, the 9 lb Yorkie Dad

Monroe is a fun-loving 9 pound Yorkshire Terrier. His jovial spirit is contagious as he trots from person to person he meets to say hello. His happy demeanor makes all who meet him smile!

Sid, the 7 lb Maltese Dad

Sid, a 7 pound Maltese Dad, is a happy and playful guy who is great with other pets. Running and frolicing with children is a favorite pastime.

Toby, the 10 lb Yorkie Dad

Always the center of attention, Toby, a 10 pound Yorkshire Terrier loves to catch the eye with his happy tail and friendly disposition. Playing is his favorite pastime with both family and friends!