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Morkie Breed Characteristics

A Morkie is a mix between a Yorkshire Terrier and a Maltese.

Yorkies and Maltese don’t exactly look alike, but when you dive into their personality traits and characteristics, they are actually quite similar. And when you put the two breeds together, you get a playful and affectionate Morkie.

Like both the Maltese and the Yorkie, the Morkie has long silky hair that doesn’t shed. Their lack of shedding makes them perfect for people with allergies or even people who don’t want hair all over their house. Their coat is usually white, tan, or black and will need plenty of brushing to keep from getting tangled or matted. Morkie owners usually choose to keep their Morkie’s coat shorter with regular trips to the groomer.

Morkies are small, 4-10 pounds, meaning they are well-suited for apartment living. They still need plenty of exercise, though. Plan for about 30 minutes a day of stimulating playtime inside or a brisk walk outdoors. Despite their small size, they do tend to bark quite a bit. Their yapping can be seen as annoying, but it’s also a great deterrent for burglars. Morkies are seen as good watchdogs, alert to anything unfamiliar, person or sound.

Similar to their parent breeds, Morkies are friendly dogs, but when interacting with other dogs and children, they should be monitored since they are so small. Morkies also shouldn’t interact with young children.

Like most other small dogs, Morkies have a big personality packed into a small body. They can be sweet and affectionate but also playful and spunky, entertaining you with their quirky antics. And although they have a lot of energy packed into a small body, they also enjoy cuddling on the couch with a cozy blanket, earning their spot on the list of lapdogs.

Because they are part Terrier, Morkies can be quite stubborn, making training an important task. Early training will help you teach your Morkie to respect you early on. You should also remember the importance of socializing your Morkie. Early socialization will help Morkies get along with other dogs.

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