What Is A Yorkshire Terrier?

Yorkshire Terrier Breed Characteristics

Cute, intelligent, and tenacious.

Yorkshire Terrier Breed Characteristics

The Yorkshire Terrier, typically known as the “Yorkie,” is a lively little dog full of energy. Like most small dogs, Yorkies found their way onto the laps of Victorian women and were a favorite breed among the wealthy. However, Yorkies didn’t start there. They actually began as Scottish rat-hunting dogs. As the Scottish ventured their way into England for new opportunities, they discovered that Yorkies were fond of hunting rats and sent them into mines and fields to do just that. Though now Yorkies typically find themselves as beloved family dogs.

The Yorkie Coat is long and silky, which means lots of grooming to prevent tangles. Most owners choose to keep their Yorkie’s coat trimmed to avoid excessive time spent brushing. Their coat colors are usually black and tan, black and gold, blue and tan, or blue and gold. But the usual coat color of a Yorkie is black and tan. Yorkies tend to shed very little or not at all, making them excellent pets for people with allergies.

Despite their size, Yorkies are great guard dogs, alerting you to any unknown sounds. This also means that Yorkies are prone to lots of barking. So, they aren’t good dogs for people who prefer quieter pets.

On average, Yorkies are about seven pounds and live anywhere between eleven and fifteen years. Although small, Yorkies have no lack of personality. They can be quite active and lively. Yorkies don’t require intense exercise, but you should be prepared to provide 30 minutes of stimulating playtime or a brisk walk each day. Because of their size, Yorkies are able to live comfortably in an apartment or home with little to no yard, so long as you provide them with adequate exercise.

Yorkies are intelligent dogs that love to learn. They can be stubborn at times, so early training is key. Yorkies are also known for being hard to housebreak. It is important to be patient and persistent when potty training with a Yorkie. Using special treats when training a Yorkie can yield better results.

Yorkies are extremely sociable and love lots of attention. This also means that they can be prone to separation anxiety. Yorkies shouldn’t be left alone for long hours as this can worsen their anxiety symptoms. Although Yorkies are very friendly, because of their size, they should be monitored with children and other dogs, especially large dogs and young children.