Yorkshire Terrier vs Maltese

Compare Yorkshire Terrier vs Maltese

Considering a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) or Maltese? Compare these two breeds with the Morkie before your purchase.

6 Reasons to consider a Morkie instead!

If you appreciate the friendly loving personality of a Yorkshire Terrier but are concerned about the potential serious health issues of this breed, a Morkie may be a great choice for you!

A Morkie combines the spunky fun personality of a Maltese with the endearing sweet nature of a Yorkshire Terrier to produce an amazing hybrid that keeps the signature look and smaller stature of both breeds but with far less likelihood of the common health issues they face.

Benefits of a Morkie:

  • Morkies have hybrid vigor.
  • Morkies are social dogs who love to give and receive affection.
  • Morkies are intelligent dogs.
  • Morkies make excellent guard dogs and love to guard your home.
  • Morkies small size make them perfect for apartment living.
  • Morkies’ big personalities will keep you endlessly entertained.

From their outward appearance, Yorkies and Maltese don’t look all that similar. They are different colors and different face shapes; the Yorkie has pointed ears, and the Maltese have floppy ears. But when you delve into their personalities and behaviors, you notice that they are actually remarkably similar.

When it comes to training, both breeds are intelligent yet sometimes stubborn. And unfortunately, both breeds are known to be difficult to housebreak. Although Yorkies tend to be just a little bit more stubborn. But both benefit from early and persistent training. The earlier you begin training a Yorkie or a Maltese, the less stubborn they are likely to be.

Both breeds are considered higher energy and prone to lots of zoomies. But because they are both small, each under 12 pounds, they exercise easily indoors, compared to a larger dog that might have trouble running around in smaller spaces. You can always kill two birds with one stone and combine training time with exercising time by teaching your dogs new exciting tricks.

Yorkies and Maltese are both social dogs, loving plenty of attention. They both also usually have a favorite person in the household that they cling to. Because they are both social breeds, they both tend to suffer from separation anxiety. Yorkies and Maltese shouldn’t be left alone for long hours as this can make their anxiety worse.

And, of course, since both breeds are smaller in size, although they love to socialize, it’s best to keep them separate from small children and large dogs. The long coats of Maltese and Yorkies can be a temptation for children. Older children that know not to tug on a dog’s hair are better suited for these small dogs, although they should still be monitored while interacting.

If you’re ready to consider an adorable Morkie, go ahead and apply today.

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