What Is A

Maltese Breed Characteristics

Regal, attentive, and lively.

Said to originate from the island of Malta, Maltese are small lively dogs known for their long silky white hair. Maltese are regal-looking dogs, so it’s no surprise that they are associated with aristocratic society. These days, however, Maltese are perfectly happy being an everyday regular family dog.

Although the coat of a Maltese is a signature look, for ease of grooming, most Maltese owners choose to trim or shave their dog’s coat. If a Maltese’s coat stays long, it needs more brushing to keep it from developing knots and snarls. Despite the length of their hair, Maltese shed very little, making them good dogs for people with allergies. Most Maltese are that brilliant white color that everyone recognizes, but some can also be tan and white.

Since Maltese are so small, they make for great apartment dogs and can thrive in small spaces. They also love their own personal throne, I mean lap, to sit on. Although small, Maltese make excellent guard dogs and will bark at any unrecognized noises. For some, this is a good trait, and others don’t like a yippy dog. So, if you prefer a quieter dog, a Maltese probably isn’t for you. But if you want an extra set of eyes in your house or apartment, a Maltese has you covered.

Although Maltese enjoy learning new tricks, they are also known for being hard to potty train. So housebreaking a Maltese might take some extra time and effort. It is also a harder task to train a Maltese to be quieter.

Maltese are high-energy dogs but are easily worn out. They will enjoy some mentally stimulating playtime indoors. Because of their small size, Maltese should be monitored while outside. They could possibly slip out of your yard from a small hole in the fence or become a meal for a hawk or owl, but only if your Maltese is on the smaller side.

Maltese are also friendly dogs and enjoy meeting new people. This breed should be monitored when they are around both young children and bigger dogs. The long silky hair of a Maltese is a temptation for young children to grab on to. The yippy nature of a Maltese can sometimes remind other dogs of a squeaker toy. However, this affectionate, attentive dog makes a great addition to many homes.